TomTom Models

Serial number prefixes: Zl, ZF, ZN, ZB, ZO, ZE, ZA, ZR, ZS, ZT, ZF, X5, X6, X7, X8, 

Serial Number PrefixModel NameModel NumberInternal Memory
ZLTomTom GO 52N/A16GB
ZFTomTom GO 520 Wi-Fi1PN5.002.0016GB
ZNTomTom GO 520 Wi-FiN/A16GB
ZBTomTom GO 5200 Wi-FiN/A16GB
ZOTomTom GO 5200 Wi-FiN/A16GB
ZETomTom GO 620 Wi-Fi1PN6.019.0016GB
ZATomTom GO 6200 Wi-FiN/A16GB
X5TomTom GO Basic1BA5.054.0016GB
X6TomTom GO Basic1BA6.002.0016GB
X7TomTom GO Basic1BA5.002.0116GB
X8TomTom GO Basic1BA6.002.0116GB
ZATomTom GO CamperN/A16GB
ZETomTom GO Essential1PN6.002.10 (6” without TMC cable) / 1PN6.002.11 (6” with TMC cable)16GB
ZNTomTom GO Essential1PN5.002.10 (5” without TMC cable) / 1PN5.002.11 (5” with TMC cable)16GB
ZRTomTom GO Premium1PL6.002.3016GB
ZSTomTom GO Premium1PL5.002.3016GB
ZTTomTom GO Premium XN/A16GB
ZETomTom GO Supreme1PN6.019.02 (6” NAM) / 1PN6.106.02 (6” APAC)16GB
ZNTomTom GO Supreme1PN5.019.02 5 (5” NAM) / 1PN5.106.01 (5” APAC)16GB

Serial number prefixes: TC, TD, SE, SF, SQ, SR, SE, SJ, TC, TJ, SE, SN, SM, SA, TA, TB, SB, SI, ST, SP, FQ, SL, FA, FT, FU, FB, FW, FY, VL, VM, VY, QL, QM, VF, VH, VI, VX, VZ, QI, QJ, QT, QV, QX, QY, QR, V8, VA, VC, VD, VV, QE, QF, QS, QU, QW, QQ.

Serial Number PrefixModel NameModel NumberInternal Memory
TCTomTom GO 10004CS0.001.034GB
TDTomTom GO 10004CS0.001.012GB
SETomTom GO 1005 / GO 20504CQ0.001.034GB
SFTomTom GO 1005 / GO 20504CQ0.001.012GB
SQTomTom GO 1005 / GO 20504CR5.002.018GB
SRTomTom GO 1005 / GO 20504CR5.001.014GB
SETomTom GO 10504CQ0.001.034GB
SJTomTom GO 1050 World4CQ0.001.078GB
TCTomTom GO 24054CS0.001.034GB
TJTomTom GO 24354CT4.001.014GB
SETomTom GO 25054CQ0.001.034GB
SETomTom GO 25354CQ0.001.034GB
SNTomTom GO 25354CT5.001.014GB
SMTomTom GO 2535 TM WTE4CT5.001.008GB
SATomTom GO Freemont4CQ0.002.014GB
SETomTom GO Freemont4CQ0.001.034GB
TATomTom GO LIVE 10004CS0.002.014GB
TBTomTom GO LIVE 10004CS0.002.002GB
SATomTom GO LIVE 10054CQ0.002.014GB
SBTomTom GO LIVE 10054CQ0.002.002GB
SITomTom GO LIVE 10054CQ0.002.028GB
STTomTom GO LIVE 10054CR5.002.028GB
STTomTom GO LIVE 1005 / Camper & Caravan4CR5.002.028GB
SATomTom GO LIVE 1050 / GO LIVE 20504CQ0.002.014GB
SBTomTom GO LIVE 1050 / GO LIVE 20504CQ0.002.002GB
SETomTom GO LIVE 1050 / GO LIVE 20504CQ0.001.034GB
SITomTom GO LIVE 1050 / GO LIVE 20504CQ0.002.028GB
SPTomTom GO LIVE 1050 / GO LIVE 2050N/A8GB
FQTomTom GO LIVE 15354ER5.052.004GB
SITomTom GO LIVE 2050 World4CQ0.002.028GB
STTomTom GO LIVE 2050 World4CR5.002.028GB
SLTomTom GO LIVE 2535 M4CT5.017.014GB
FATomTom GO LIVE 8204ER4.001.058GB
FTTomTom GO LIVE 8204ER4.001.00/4ER.001.032GB
FUTomTom GO LIVE 8204ER4.001.01/4ER4.001.044GB
FBTomTom GO LIVE 8254ER5.001.058GB
FWTomTom GO LIVE 8254ER5.001.014GB
FYTomTom GO LIVE 8254ER5.001.002GB
VLTomTom GO 401FC4.002.00 / 1FC4.002.01 / 1FC4.002.028GB
VMTomTom GO 401FC4.019.00 / 1FC4.019.018GB
VYTomTom GO 40N/A4GB
QLTomTom GO 4001FA4.002.008GB
QMTomTom GO 4001FA4.002.008GB
VFTomTom GO 50 / 511FC5.002.058GB
VHTomTom GO 50 / 511FC5.002.00 / 1FC5.002.01 / 1FC5.002.028GB
VITomTom GO 50 / 511FC5.019.00 / 1FC5.019.01 / 1FC5.019.028GB
VXTomTom GO 50 / 51N/A4GB
VZTomTom GO 50 / 51N/A4GB
QITomTom GO 500 / 5101FA5.002.008GB
QJTomTom GO 500 / 5101FA5.002.008GB
QTTomTom GO 500 / 5101FA5.002.598GB
QTTomTom GO 500 / 5101FA5.002.098GB
QVTomTom GO 500 / 5101FA5.019.018GB
QXTomTom GO 500 / 5101FA5.002.538GB
QXTomTom GO 500 / 5101FA5.002.01 / 1FA5.002.08 / 1FA5.002.09 / 1FA5.002.10 / 1FA5.002.11 / 1FA5.002.12 / 1FA5.069.018GB
QYTomTom GO 500 / 510N/A8GB
QRTomTom GO 5000 / 51004FL5.001.008GB
QRTomTom GO 5000 / 51001FL5.002.568GB
V8TomTom GO 60 / 61N/A4GB
VATomTom GO 60 / 611FC6.002.058GB
VCTomTom GO 60 / 611FC6.002.00 / 1FC6.002.01 / 1FC6.002.028GB
VDTomTom GO 60 / 611FC6.019.00 / 1FC6.019.01 / 1FC6.019.028GB
VVTomTom GO 60 / 61N/A4GB
QETomTom GO 600 / 6101FA6.002.008GB
QFTomTom GO 600 / 6101FA6.002.008GB
QSTomTom GO 600 / 6101FA6.002.098GB
QSTomTom GO 600 / 6101FA6.002.548GB
QUTomTom GO 6006101FA6.019.018GB
QWTomTom GO 600 / 6101FA6.002.01 / 1FA5.002.08 / 1FA5.002.09 / 1FA6.002.10 / 1FA5.002.11 / 1FA6.069.018GB
QWTomTom GO 600 / 6101FA6.002.548GB
QQTomTom GO 6000 / 61001FL6.002.568GB
QQTomTom GO 6000 / 61004FL6.001.008GB

Serial number prefixes: AO, AP, AY, BK, BL, BQ, WM, WN, WO, VK, VN, VS, VT, XS, XT, VG, VJ, VR, XQ, XR, VB, VE, VO, VP, ET, EU.

Serial Number PrefixModel NameModel NumberInternal Memory
AOTomTom Start 204EN4.001.05/4EN4.001.012GB
APTomTom Start 204EN4.001.024GB
AYTomTom Start 204EN4.001.088GB
BKTomTom Start 254EN5.001.012GB
BLTomTom Start 254EN5.001.024GB
BQTomTom Start 254EN5.001.068GB
WMTomTom Start 60 / Via 620 (2012)4EN6.001.012GB
WNTomTom Start 60 / Via 620 (2012)4EN6.001.024GB
WOTomTom Start 60 / Via 620 (2012)4EN6.001.078GB
VKTomTom START 401FD4.002.00 / 1FD4.029.008GB
VNTomTom START 401FD4.002.01 / 1FD4.002.02 / 1FD4.002.03 / 1FD4.054.008GB
VSTomTom START 40nan4GB
VTTomTom START 401FD4.013.00 / 1FD4.121.00 / 1FD4.075.004GB
VGTomTom START 501FD5.002.00 / 1FD5.002.04 / 1FD5.029.008GB
VJTomTom START 501FD5.002.01 / 1FD5.002.02 / 1FD5.002.03 / 1FD5.054.008GB
VRTomTom START 501FD5.013.00 / 1FD5.121.00 / 1FD5.075.004GB
VBTomTom START 601FD6.002.00 / 1FD6.002.04 / 1FD6.029.008GB
VETomTom START 601FD6.002.01 / 1FD6.002.02 / 1FD6.002.03 / 1FD6.054.008GB
VPTomTom START 601FD6.013.004GB

Serial number prefixes: GH, GJ, R, RC, RH, RI, RM, RN, RO, RV, RB, GI, R4, RS, RU, GK, GG, GH, GI, GP, GV, R1, R2, RY, RZ, RX, GL, GQ, GX, RW.

Serial Number PrefixModel NameModel NumberInternal Memory
GHTomTom XL 2504ET0.002.021GB
GJTomTom XL 2504ET0.002.032GB
RBTomTom XL 30 Series4EG0.001.011GB
RCTomTom XL 30 Series4EG0.001.012GB
RHTomTom XL 30 Series4EG0.001.081GB
RITomTom XL 30 Series4EG0.001.092GB
RMTomTom XL 30 Series4EG0.001.131GB
RNTomTom XL 30 Series4EG0.001.152GB
ROTomTom XL 30 Series4EG0.001.121GB
RVTomTom XL 30 Series4EG0.001.172GB
RBTomTom XL 3254EG0.001.011GB
RCTomTom XL 3254EG0.001.012GB
RHTomTom XL 3254EG0.001.081GB
RITomTom XL 3254EG0.001.092GB
RNTomTom XL 3254EG0.001.152GB
ROTomTom XL 3254EG0.001.121GB
GITomTom XL 3354ET0.002.012GB
GJTomTom XL 3354ET0.002.032GB
R4TomTom XL 340EMEA: 4EL0.001.02 US: 4EL0.017.012GB
RSTomTom XL 3404EM0.001.012GB
RUTomTom XL 3404EM0.001.022GB
GKTomTom XL 3504ET0.001.012GB
RSTomTom XL IQ Routes4EM0.001.012GB
RUTomTom XL IQ Routes4EM0.001.022GB
GGTomTom XL IQ Routes ² / XL Classic4ET0.002.001GB
GHTomTom XL IQ Routes ² / XL Classic4ET0.002.021GB
GITomTom XL IQ Routes ² / XL Classic4ET0.002.012GB
GJTomTom XL IQ Routes ² / XL Classic4ET0.002.032GB
GPTomTom XL IQ Routes ² / XL Classic4ET0.002.032GB
GVTomTom XL IQ Routes ² / XL Classic4ET0.002.004GB
R1TomTom XL LIVE IQ Routes4EL0.001.012GB
R2TomTom XL LIVE IQ Routes4EL0.001.022GB
RYTomTom XXL 530 S4EP0.001.032GB
RZTomTom XXL 5404EP0.001.044GB
RXTomTom XXL 540 S4EP0.001.012GB
GLTomTom XXL 5504EP0.001.052GB
GLTomTom XXL IQ Routes / XXL Classic4EP0.001.052GB
GQTomTom XXL IQ Routes / XXL Classic4EF0.001.002GB
GXTomTom XXL IQ Routes / XXL Classic4EF0.001.004GB
RWTomTom XXL IQ Routes / XXL Classic4EP0.001.022GB
RXTomTom XXL IQ Routes / XXL Classic4EP0.001.012GB
RYTomTom XXL IQ Routes / XXL Classic4EP0.001.032GB
RZTomTom XXL IQ Routes / XXL Classic4EP0.001.044GB

Serial number prefixes:  KE, KA, KD.

Serial Number PrefixModel NameModel NumberInternal Memory
KETomTom Rider 40Rider 40 (WE): 1GE0.054.00 Rider 40 (CE): 1GE0.029.008GB
KATomTom Rider 400N/A16GB
KDTomTom Rider 400Rider 400 Premium Pack: 1GE0.002.01 / Rider 400: 1GE0.002.0016GB
KATomTom Rider 410N/A16GB
KDTomTom Rider 410N/A16GB
KETomTom Rider 42N/A8GB
KDTomTom Rider 420N/A16GB
KDTomTom Rider 450N/A16GB

Serial number prefixes: B1, M1, M3, M2, V5, M2, M4, J1, J2, WT, W3, JB, M5, V5, M6, M9, J3, J4, J5, WL, WR, W6, W7, W8, W2, W4, V7, M8, J6, WB, W5, W1, DC. 

Serial Number PrefixModel NameModel NumberInternal Memory
B1TomTom GO4D00.001N/A
M1TomTom GO 3004D00.300N/A
M3TomTom GO 500 (2005)4D00.500N/A
V5TomTom GO 5104V00.710N/A
M2TomTom GO 5204M00.000512MB
M4TomTom GO 5204M00.0011GB
J1TomTom GO 5304CH5.000.001GB
J2TomTom GO 5304CH5.000.012GB
WTTomTom GO 540 LIVE4CF5.002.001GB
W3TomTom GO 550 LIVE4CP0.002.021GB
JBTomTom GO 6304CJ6.000.002GB
M5TomTom GO 7004D00.7002,5GB
V5TomTom GO 7104V00.710N/A
M6TomTom GO 720EMEA: 4M00.002 APAC: 4M00.0062GB
M9TomTom GO 720N/A512MB
J3TomTom GO 7304CH7.000.021GB
J4TomTom GO 7304CH7.000.002GB
J5TomTom GO 730Unknown4GB
WLTomTom GO 740 LIVE4CF7.002.012GB
WRTomTom GO 740 LIVE4CF7.017.012GB
W6TomTom GO 7504CP0.002.014GB
W7TomTom GO 7504CP0.002.052GB
W8TomTom GO 7504CP0.002.001GB
W2TomTom GO 750 LIVE4CP0.002.034GB
W4TomTom GO 750 LIVE4CP0.002.062GB
V7TomTom GO 9104V00.91020GB
M8TomTom GO 9204M00.9004GB
J6TomTom GO 9304CH9.000.00 / 4CH9.000.034GB
WBTomTom GO 940 LIVE4CF9.002.014GB
W5TomTom GO 9504CP9.002.014GB
W1TomTom GO 950 LIVE4CP9.002.004GB
DCTomTom GO I904MC0.000.032GB